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Welcome to Sade's Love Circle. This site is dedicated to the woman which is a guardian angel In my heart. Always their when I need her, when times are bad, and when life couldn't get any better. I am a late Sadefan, I didn't start listening to Sade until my senior prom In 99. My mom had her greatest hits CD, and that's where it all started for me. After I heard that CD, it was like Sade touched me In a way no one ever had. I liked every song on that CD but one, "Please Send Me Someone To Love" Then it was an everyday thing, I would listen to Sade 24/7. I bought all of her CD's and Videos within 2 weeks, it was like I'd listened to her for years, but only 1 month. Where ever I go, work, to play basketball, what ever, Sade is near me. One of the other reasons that she's so great is because, she is so mysterious . Sade is an artist that people don't know much about. The fact she doesn't do a lot of interviews, makes her lyrics so much more special. The only way you can get to know her is through her videos and lyrics. If you look at any other artist, they jump at the chance of doing an interview, but Sade. She just want's to live her life as normal as possible, and I respect that, I just wish she would come do a concert In jacksonville.