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Amel, The Next Sade
Amel Larrieux

                          The first time I heard about Amel was at a restaurant. It was

me and my girlfriend, and we got on the subject of Sade. I was telling her

about how Sade had a new CD coming out, and how bad I was anticipating It.

While we were on the subject of Sade the waiter was happening to be

listening to ourconversation, and he asked me did I ever hear of a woman

named Amel Larrieux from Groove Theory. I said "no" and then asked him

why? He said if your a big Sade fan you must listen to her. He kept going on

about how good of a voice she had and etc........... The next day I had went

looking for her CD, and the first two stores I had went to never heard of

her, and they were all out of stock. So I had two more stores in

mind, the last store I tried happened to have her, so I was very pleased. I

popped the CD in as I was driving home, and I was mesmerized as I listened to

the first song. Her style wasn't too much Sade's, but more of Eryah Badu's

and Sade put together. At that point I was an Amel fan at just one song, get

up. Amel, like Sade, has paved a new style just like Sade did in the 80's. That's

why I put her in that category as Sade. Amel is the only singer I see that has a

voice that can come close to Sade's. Amel has a very strong voice as well as

soft, with the style of Eryah Badu. The thing I like about her is that she is a

very confident woman, her lyrics are very powerfull in the moral sense, she

is how I think all woman should be. Nothing I say, can tell you how tight she

is, so if you haven't heard the album, pick it up. It only has 10 song like Sade's

CD's do, but that just shows that she put all her time and effort into the

songs. If you read this whole thing thanks for barring with me.

My Favorite Songs

1. Weather

2. Infinite Possibilities

3. Get Up

4. Make Me Whole

5. Down

6. InI

7. Shine

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