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                    Sweetback is a band not known of by many people. I see them as

one of the best bands in music today. The magic they create with Sade on her

albums makes you feel as if there instrumental vibes go through your soul

as they play. The relaxing sounds that they deliver are beyond what I call

jazz. I would have to say, they are in there own level of music. Sweetback,

and Sade are what I call the Chicago Bulls of the music industry. No other

band can produce music like they can. Sweetback sounds as if they brought

there music straight from heaven. Playing us sounds that couldn't be

touched by no other.For me, there music goes form the ear, to the heart,

then to my soul, they always make me feel as if I have a peace of heaven in me.

As much respect I give them, I wish they had did a better job with there CD.

The thing they did wrong in my opinion was instead of using their

instruments' talents with the sax, piano, and guitar they used more computer

basted beats, so to me that made their album not as good. The music that

they create with Sade is so much more pure, it seemed as if the computer had

corrupted there sound. Still I give them all the respect, because Sade and

Sweetback have touched me more than any artist in the industry, enough to

make a web site, anda club. For anyone who hasn't looked passed Sade,

please take the time tolisten to what Sweetback does for Sade, but also

don't forget what Sade does for Sweetback.

Favorite Sweetback Songs

1. Siempre Hay Esperanza

2. Room 55

3. Red Eye

4. Gaze (Feat- Amel Larrieux)

5. Softly Softly (Feat- Maxwell)

Favorite Sweetback Songs with Sade

1. Cherish The Day

2. Bullet Proof Soul

3. Haunt Me

4. Is It A Crime

5. Your Not The Man