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Sade Stories

                            Story#1     Kande Dixon

During the time that "Love Deluxe" was released... Me and the guy I loved,

had ended our live-in relationship, that kept spiraling downward as the

months went by...It was, of course, destroyed by youth, alcohol & drugs...he

couldn't handle any of the 3 mentioned... This "Love Deluxe" saved my life...I

had felt, at the time, In order to save my relationship with Ken, and remind

him of his love for me...that if I told him something that I had never told

anyone, a great family secret, that he would appreciate me again, like he used

to...and our love would grow stronger than ever, perhaps, even bond him

closer to me....For the first time, In 25 years, I told my love, Ken, of my

sexual abuse as a the hand of 3 different male family members, one

of them my grandfather, and finally, my father...Obviously, this was hard   

for me to devuldge... I hadn't told ANYONE, EVER.... until then... instead of

having the reaction I had hoped for, he turned away from me... breaking my

heart for good, and shattering all the love and trust In any man that I had

ever felt....The song, "Like a Tattoo" ALWAYS came to mind...the lyrics, so

beautifully written, and, of course, of a different subject matter, but yet,

seemed to fit the way I felt, as I have always felt Sade and I felt the same

way, In matters of love..."like the scar of age, written all over my face,      

the war is still raging inside of me, I can still feel the chill, as I reveal my

shame to you, I wear it like, a tattoo"....These words STILL, to this day,

explain the way I felt, and still feel at that moment, and still, to this day...

the fact that, I was older than he, and we had always talked about    

designing tattoos together for each other (he was an artist)...and, finally,

my shame, the abuse that I endured...Not sure that this is something you

cared to hear, or was seeking, but it has always brought me closer to the

Lady and her band....her life and love, her lyrics...Enclosed is a picture  of

me at that very particular time, with my dog, a puppy that we got together,

and I still have him today, 9 years old....Colonel Chip

                                                      Thanks for listening...