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My First Sade Experience
I Remember it like black & white- I have always known of Sade, but never

really listened to her until my senior prom. On the day of the prom I was

going through all my moms CD's to make the perfect tape for the car ride

around the city. I was really only going to put one of her songs on the tape,

the rest was supposed to be Luther Vandross. I told myself that I should go

ahead and put No Ordinary Love on the tape before I started with Luther,

because that was the only song I had heard. My mom had the best of Sade

CD, So I decided to browse through the CD to see if I liked anything else.

While I was making the tape I was washing dishes so I just went ahead and let

the CD play. I wasn't really paying attention to Your Love Is King until the

middle of the song. At that point I started listening to the lyrics. More and

More I heard the CD I slowly got hooked, her music was unlike any style I

ever heard, I had completely for got about Luther Vandross and went ahead

and made a Sade tape. After I got done washing dishes I had to start getting

ready. So I kept the tape on record and got dressed. While I was getting

dressed Sade was the last thing on my mind. I was kind of nervous because it

was my prom day and I was thinking of so many special things I could do. My

mom and sister were taking pictures left and right following me around the

house looking as if they where more excited then I was. But any ways, I was

done dressing and I was making my way out the door. I'm not going to get into

details about to much but the subject, so after I picked her up and we ate, it

was time to head to the prom. It was about 7:30 and I went ahead and put In

the Sade tape for the ride. The ride to the prom is what I call My 1st

Experience. I had never experience music like this before. I was driving the

car but I felt like Sade was taking me to my destination. The song that really

made that moment was Cherish The Day. Nether me nor my girlfriend had

heard any Sade songs but when we heard it In the car we where both off

into another place. I felt like I was on a drug or something, I had never felt

that way before, me and Sheena had are hands together almost the hole

way there. I could have stayed In the car until the gas ran out and I would

had be just fine. Sade's lyrics hit the spot, they made the car ride what it

shouldn't have been. Sweetback amplified her to where her music became

unreal, it was to a point where I didn't want to get out the car the music

really got me. Still to this day I wonder how one artist affected me so much

and so fast, that's why she's the best In my heart.