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Sade Talk

Sade, I will always refer to her has an angel with the heavenly band, and

Sade, my guardian angel. Sade has touched the souls of millions of people, I

just happen to be one in that million. I think Sade has the best fans around.

There is know other artist that has fans like Sade. She has fans that will fly

to other countries to see her in concert. She has fans that would stand in

front of a hotel for hours to see if they could just one glimpse. Sade, in my

opinion is the best at keeping her life, her life. She manages to have all this

success, and still have a life. Sade unlike other artist put her life on paper,

and we just happen to get to read the diary. You can put Sade in many words,

here's one, mysterious. That is the word most used to describe her. Which to

me is the best word, because without her mysteriousness she wouldn't have

the fans she has now. I'm glad I don't know what her favorite food is or

favorite colors are. That's what makes us want more, we don't see her that

much, nor does she do a lot of interviews, she is a true artist with true

lyrics on her life. Another thing I like is that she doesn't have a lot of songs

on her CD's, all her time goes into them. That makes us want more Sade. Like

on her live in concert video, just look at her as she sing, eyes closed

feeling every word she says, its like the crowed wasn't there, just her and

the microphone. you can tell her lyrics are very personal to